What is a Psych Evaluation
As a corrections officer, you will face situations that fall outside a typical day job. You may encounter situations that are tense or be faced with combative individuals. You may need to step in if an emergency situation arises, and there will be times when you will need to make tough decisions quickly. For all of these reasons, a job as a corrections officer can be challenging, so it’s crucial to conduct a psychological evaluation of all candidates.

Psych evaluation: those two words can be intimidating and terrifying.

In its simplest terms, a psychological evaluation is a mental health assessment performed by a professional. Every candidate must first pass a psychological evaluation before being hired. The assessment is not designed as a “gotcha” or a way to weed out candidates. Instead, it is a routine procedure and part of a larger employment assessment conducted for all corrections officers.


The purpose of psychological evaluations is to ensure all corrections officers have a stable state of mind and will be able to handle all the challenges of the job. As such, psych evaluations are designed to make sure all corrections officers can handle the mental challenges of working in a detention center. Because you will be working with individuals who have hit their lowest point, there will be stressors and new ways of communicating that may be unfamiliar or challenging.

Psych evaluations can help reveal if a potential corrections officer is able to navigate these challenges or not and determine if they have what it takes to ensure the safety of the inmates in their care. Psych evaluations can reveal whether or not an individual has the emotional stability and mental strength to deal with the responsibilities of being a corrections officer.

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