A Secure Job Now – Real Opportunity for the Future

These days, many high school graduates are feeling the pressure. They see their friends making plans to go to college or vocational school, but that isn’t necessarily their thing. Low-wage hourly jobs provide no security and no benefits – never mind a career path for advancement.


Serving as a corrections officer is meaningful work.  The Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) is dedicated to building a safer community through courage, commitment, and compassion, and our officers take pride in their work.  Working as a corrections officer with MDC can be the ticket to a higher quality of life.

A career with MDC provides stability and a living wage; enough to support a family without taking on a second job. MDC also provides generous benefits to our corrections officers, including healthcare, paid vacation, and flexible hours. Health benefits include a gym membership at many of Albuquerque’s fitness centers. We also have an on-site fitness center available to all our employees. We are committed to the physical and mental health of our hard-working officers.


MDC also provides a number of opportunities to advance your career. Once your foot is in the door, you may apply for a number of specialty jobs and leadership positions

If you’re at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED, and the desire to improve your life while benefiting your community, you have the opportunity to join this noble cause. Committing to a career in corrections today can open up doors for you tomorrow.


For more information on becoming a Corrections Officer, connect with a recruiter today!