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We Want You to Succeed

Although the process is long and sometimes difficult, we are there each step of the way to show you where to go next and to prepare you for success. We are looking for great people who are committed to helping their community, contributing to the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center team, and focused on improving their workplace, their community, and the world.

The Process

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Additional Information

Contact a recruiter for additional information.

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Fill out an application. CLICK HERE to view our online application.

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HR Screen

HR Specialist reviews application to determine if you meet the minimum requirements.

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Phone Interview

A member of our recruiting team will have a phone conversation with you and discuss any potential issues with your application. They’ll learn more about you, discover if there is anything on your record that might disqualify you, and get a feel for your experience.

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Schedule Interview

Your recruiter will schedule an interview for you to meet with a few members of the team.

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Conduct Interview

You will meet with the recruiters. This meeting is so they can learn more about you and your passion, and really get to know you as a person. It also gives you the opportunity to learn more about the position and the team.

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Background Check

During the pre-qualification process, we will verify your work history and criminal record, and ask a few questions to make sure you are the right fit for the position. The screening and selection process for the Bernalillo County MDC Corrections Officer position is a comprehensive and deliberate process to ensure that we hire officers with the highest character and level of commitment. Your recruiter will answer any questions that you may have about the process and work with you to complete your background check.

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Deputy Chief Roundtable

The recruiting team presents a synopsis of each candidate to the deputy chief. The team and the deputy chief then review the candidates together and the recruiting team makes a recommendation to the Deputy Chief.

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Medical Screening

You will undergo a medical exam and a pre-employment drug test.

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HR Employment Offer

HR will provide you with a written offer of employment that specifies your pay and start date.

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Chief Review

The Chief has the final say. The Chief usually takes the recommendation of the Deputy Chief, but individually reviews each candidate to ensure that he can see them as part of the team.

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Onboarding (Optional)

Some candidates will be offered an opportunity to come in before their academy starts and begin work (with pay and benefits) in an administrative or support capacity so they can meet the team and learn more about the facility. Let your recruiter know if you are interested in starting employment before your academy officially starts.

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HR in Process
On your first day you will meet with HR to complete paperwork and attend a formal orientation.
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The 8-week Academy Begins

Comprehensive classroom, hands-on, and on-the-job training that will prepare you for success as a corrections officer.

  • Week 1 – Policies and Procedures, Radio Communications, Principles of Direct Supervision
  • Week 2 – Inmate Rights and Responsibilities, Disciplinary Process, Interpersonal Communication, CPR & First Aid, Inmate Medical & Dental Services
  • Week 3 – Welfare Checks, Contraband, Searches, Disturbances, Special Populations, Security Threat Groups, Emergency Response Procedures
  • Week 4 – Segregation, Receiving and Booking, Pod Operations, Professional Standards
  • Week 5 – Use of Force, OC Certification, Off-Site Posts, Transports
  • Week 6 – Restraint and Control, Cell Extractions
  • Week 7 – Mental Health Training, Suicide Prevention & Intervention
  • Week 8 – On-the-Job Training, Physical Fitness Assessment, Final Exam

Physical Fitness Training every week.
Periodic fitness assessments to gauge your ability to pass the final assessment.

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