Ending Corruption at Every Level

We’ve all heard the story of George Washington and the cherry tree. When confronted with the crime of chopping it down, young George replied, “I cannot tell a lie.” That parable is part of our country’s story, and its power comes from the difficulty hidden in simplicity.

Telling the truth – promoting honesty and honor – is essential, but not always easy. Nevertheless, it is an ideal that’s worth pursuing, every day, in every way possible.


Throughout the years, MDC has faced its share of challenges. And while we are always working hard to improve, we understand that the first battle we must win is the battle of perception. We are committed to proving that our organization is free from corruption and built upon a foundation of truth and honor.

The first step towards honesty and integrity involves choosing the right employees.

We need corrections officers with strong morals and a desire to make a difference in their community. We want to build a team full of individuals who believe in due process and understand the critical role they have in upholding the laws – and beliefs – that govern our country.

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At MDC, we are on a journey towards truth and transparency. While we know the truth may never be pure and simple, we believe it is the foundation upon which trust and honor are built. The truth will set you free, but the truth can hurt. It’s not always easy to own up to our mistakes and missteps, but when it comes to working in public safety, honesty is our most important virtue and our most valuable asset.

We need individuals who will help us navigate these challenging times to emerge stronger, wiser, and better than we’ve ever been. We’re prepping for the bigger battle: to root out corruption at every level and establish our organization as one of faithful service and honest operations.

If you're considering a career in public safety, consider a career with the MDC. We provide secure employment and opportunity for those who make the grade.

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