Tuition Assistance Helping You

A college degree is not a requirement to become a corrections officer at the MDC. And it’s not a requirement for keeping your job once you’re hired. Many of our corrections officers have long, successful careers while only completing a high school level education. In fact, a college degree will not explicitly help an officer advance their career. That being said, many of our corrections officers still chose to pursue a college education.

tuition assistance
The problem is that college is expensive. Many students take out loans to meet some or all of their college expenses. Student loans are generally seen as “good” or “worthwhile.” But many people hesitate to take on debt to finance a college degree.

Tuition Assistance Equals Minimal or No Debt

tuition assistance
The MDC has a solution to the dilemma of college debt standing in the way of career advancement. After completion of the introductory probation period, each of our corrections officers is eligible for tuition assistance provided by Bernalillo County. That means corrections officers can pursue further education while taking on minimal debt. Or even remaining completely debt free.

A college degree is not required to be a corrections officer at the MDC, but many of our corrections officers still chose to pursue a college education.

Progress in Your Chosen Career

If you already have success in a given field and you’d like to continue in that area, attending college is a smart strategy. With experience in the field, there is minimal risk of spending time and money on a career which you don’t like. At MDC, we view providing college tuition assistance as a win-win. The corrections officers gain valuable education and training in their chosen careers. MDC gains a highly trained corrections officer ready to move to the next level.

If you have a high school education and a desire to help your community, a corrections officer position at MDC might be just the career opportunity you're looking for.

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