What Is CERT?

Are you ready to make a difference? Do you dream of joining an elite team, trained to respond at a moment’s notice to any emergency? Do you want to be a part of something bigger than a 9-to-5 job? Perhaps it’s time to consider the possibilities available to Corrections Officers at BCMDC. After your probationary period (typically one year) you will be eligible for one of the six Speciality Units.
Corrections Emergency Response Team
“CERT Ensures the safety of others when the worst happens.”
The Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) might be the right place for you. CERT is a specialty unit of highly trained correctional officers who often serve as the last line of defense for many prison incidents. CERT officers are trained to respond to critical and high urgency events or deal with uncooperative inmates during violent or volatile situations.
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CERT is trained to handle:​

  • Riot response
  • Transport high-risk inmates
  • Injured officer rescue
  • Assist during hostage situations
  • Building and area searches
  • Inmate disturbances
  • The apprehension of barricaded subjects

When a critical incident occurs, CERT officers are ready to move in and control the situation. Trained in use-of-force control and tactics and outfitted with protective equipment, CERT sweeps in and handles even the most volatile situations.

For candidates eager to ensure the safety of others when the worst happens, the Corrections Emergency Response Team might be just the job for you.


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