Continuing Your Education through Tuition Assistance

Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) has always focused on offering career opportunities to our officers.


Not just a paycheck. Our officers are an integral part of our community. We are committed to helping them achieve career success and a better quality of life away from the job.

We show our commitment to our officers with the resources we offer to help them advance in their careers. A college degree is not a requirement to be a corrections officer at the MDC. Some of our officers choose to pursue a college education, but it is not a requirement.  We believe that our officers should not have to take out student loans to get that education.


Many officers have long successful careers without going to college, but continuing education can be an important tool to help improve your life, both at work and at home. Officers who take advantage of tuition assistance and training opportunities often use that education to take on new opportunities in criminal justice.


After corrections officers complete the introductory probation period at MDC, they are eligible to receive tuition assistance to pay for a college education. This helps our officers earn a college degree and avoid going into debt.



For MDC, providing tuition assistance for our officers is a win-win. We gain highly motivated and well-trained corrections officers who are ready to move to the next level. And our officers get the added value of earning a college education without student loan debt.

Submit your application today and start growing your career for tomorrow. To learn more about our tuition assistance program, contact a recruiter today!