Do You Know Someone?

From a young age, we are taught to share.

As we get older, we are less inclined to share toys or time on the swing set, but what we can share is opportunity. In fact, in many ways providing someone with the chance to succeed or improve their life is the greatest gift of all.
As you consider the true value of a stable and fulfilling job as a corrections officer, ask yourself if you know of others who might also benefit from pursuing this career path. Ask yourself if there might be someone who is just the right fit.

Think, and ask yourself…

  • Do you know someone who would benefit from a great career?
  • Do you know someone looking to change their life?
  • Do you know someone who cares about their family and community?
  • Do you know someone who would like to be able to retire with a lifetime pension?
  • Do you know someone who would like to be able to provide for their family with an excellent salary as well as full benefits?
  • Do you know someone who could use the gift of opportunity?
We are always looking for candidates who have what it takes to succeed and are looking for the chance to make the world a better place. If you know someone who fits the bill, then forward this email, and we’ll help them take the next step towards a brighter future.

If you're considering a career in public safety, consider a career with the MDC. We provide secure employment and opportunity for those who make the grade.

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