Improving Well-Being as a Corrections Officer

The role of a corrections officer is demanding. Physical fitness, proper training, and pride in the task at hand all play an essential role in maintaining a safe environment for fellow officers and inmates.

Contrary to the typical Hollywood belief that correctional facilities are unsafe places, MDC places the highest level of commitment to maintaining safety. Part of that commitment is establishing and implementing a protocol of best practices. These help corrections officers to support their own optimal physical and mental wellbeing. Here are a few of the things our officers do to improve their health and wellbeing, so they are ready to serve and protect others.

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Maintain a healthy weight
It’s not necessary to be model thin or bodybuilder ripped. But maintaining a healthy body weight is critical for carrying out the physical demands of the job, both day-to-day and when facing potentially volatile situations or emergencies.

Exercise at Least 30 Minutes Each Day

There are days when correctional officers more than fulfill this goal while doing their jobs. For those days when things are calm – half an hour of exercise either before or after work helps to maintain health and keep your body in good working condition.

Eat Nutritious Meals

Nutrition is a vital part of health, helping you maintain a healthy body and a clear mind. Aim for consuming at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Opt for lean cuts of beef as well as chicken or fish. Dairy foods, healthy fats, even dessert or alcoholic beverages in moderation can also be part of a healthy diet.
Eat nutritious meals

Get Enough Sleep

Most adults need at least seven hours of sleep to feel truly rested and refreshed the next day. There is no set standard. Some people need eight or even nine hours of sleep, while others can get by with less. The key is to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue. That could result in errors with potentially severe or dangerous consequences.

The role of a corrections officer is demanding; physical fitness, proper training, good health and pride are essential.

Schedule an Annual Checkup

You may feel great, but an annual checkup often reveals hidden problems. Catching potential conditions early makes it easier to treat or prevent them. Annual checkups also help you maintain or improve your health. Following these best practices helps promote a culture of wellness and peer support. That is crucial in the demanding environment of a correctional facility. If you have what it takes, MDC can give you the opportunity to prove it.

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