Women on Our Team – Highly Respected Team Members

At Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center, women make up an essential part of our correctional officer staff. We have made it a priority to hire females as correctional officers. National data backs us up here. Hiring female correctional officers creates an overall positive effect on the atmosphere of the facility.


Respect from MDC Staff and Management

Even though corrections is thought to be a male-dominated field, at MDC women are respected as equal staff members. We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior, harassment, or retaliation of any kind against female staff. We work hard to make corrections a career choice where everyone is supported and respected. Women are needed for specific posts/duties within the facility, such as gender-specific searches. Many supervisors have stated that some of our best COs are single moms, because they are determined, they won’t back down and they can empathize with our inmates. Problem solving skills, being able to communicate and knowing how to multitask are qualities that can have a big impact when fulfilling your duties day to day.

Firm, Fair, and Consistent

MDC provides support to our female correctional officers. But we also believe each officer shares some measure of responsibility. Our officers and staff are expected to follow the motto of, “Firm, Fair, and Consistent.” They are also required to not tolerate abuse, harassment, or retaliation. We expect all our corrections officers to internalize this motto as wisdom to live by. This helps make sure that all our officers represent the type of person who commands respect and gets the job done. We want all our officers to go home at the end of a shift confident in the role they play in making Bernalillo County a safer place to live.

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