Pride Pays – The Importance of Community Building

As a Corrections Officer at the Metropolitan Detention Center, you are far more than a “guard”. You become part of a dynamic and supportive community that watches out for each other. The staff at MDC are also more than colleagues. We are a team that is dedicated to maintaining the safety of our community, the inmates in our custody, and our fellow officers. Each member serves with integrity, honor, respect, compassion, and courage.

pride and respect

The core of this mission is respect – not just for fellow staff members, but respect for inmates as well. Treating everyone in the facility with respect often helps defuse dangerous situations.

The job can take its toll. Sometimes, stressed out staff members can end up in conflict with one another. Taking the time to remember that everyone is on the same team can help ease the tension while taking steps to resolve the dispute.

Inmates may be incarcerated, but they are still human beings. Treating people poorly makes them more likely to retaliate in ways that put them and others in danger. If they escape, the general public is placed at risk. It is important to remember that most inmates will eventually be released. An important job is helping inmates get ready to join the community again. Helping with the rehabilitation of inmates is a satisfying part of the job.

pride and respect

Each correctional officer feels pride from serving their community and promoting safety. Their jobs play an important role in making Albuquerque a better place to live.

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